“Amy has a way of asking the right questions and feeling into the answers that creates a new awareness. She’s able to approach any problem with openness, kindness and creativity and helps you to sort out the next action step. I was having some trouble making decisions about my business and relationships and with her help I knew, without a doubt, what I needed to do to create positive change for myself. That kind of coaching is priceless. Everyone needs this!”
-Laura Probert, MPT, Holistic Physical Therapist and Brave Healer. www.BraveHealer.com

“There is a lot of “noise” in life – work, family, personal well-being, relationships and more. Amy helped me focus on what I truly want in life. She had me work on removing barriers and recognizing opportunities. This work is extremely cathartic and liberating. Amy is skilled in her craft, and she has helped me beyond measure. Whatever your challenge is, I strongly encourage you to make an investment in you and your best self with Say Yes Coaching!”
-Reena Lichtenfeld
Higher Education Administrator

“Amy has been more than a coach to me for the past year. She has become a best friend, sister and constant reminder to ALWAYS take care of myself. Amy has helped me demolish my comfort zone and empowered me to do my first Crossfit Competition, Savage Race and start going to yoga class.  Amy asks the tough questions and is constantly encouraging and supporting me to be better every single day. Saying that Amy has helped me change my life is an understatement.  I know she will believe in you, encourage you and empower you to be your best self too!”
-Amanda Craig
Educator and Crossfit Athlete

Being able to facilitate this kind of amazingness is what Say Yes Coaching is all about. If you are feeling STUCK and you are tired of stopping and starting with no long term success, and you are SO READY to change, I invite you to schedule a FREE Say Yes Coaching Session here!